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Who are we?

Representitves of the world’s leading brands of dental prosthetics in Serbia.

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We want to provide the best selection, quality, and price when it comes to your patient’s needs.

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Our partners are carefully selected brands that set global standards in dental materials and technology.

New Ancorvis

New Ancorvis stands as a leading manufacturer in the world of dental products, specializing in the development and distribution of high-quality implant components and prosthetic solutions. Emphasizing innovation and precision, New Ancorvis offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of modern dental practices, including advanced materials and 3D printing technologies.

heir portfolio enables dentists and dental technicians to provide exceptional care and aesthetic solutions to their patients, making New Ancorvis a symbol of reliability and quality in the dental industry.


Dymach is a renowned manufacturer of dental machines focusing on innovation and efficiency, offering three revolutionary models: DS1, DS1 Plus, and AS1. Equipped with modern technologies, these models enable rapid and precise production of dental prototypes. Enamel proudly includes Dymach in its portfolio, bringing top-tier solutions to dental laboratories in Serbia with an added value – the Milebox software for advanced design and production capabilities, promising a revolution in the dental industry.


Nexa 3D specializes in ultra-fast 3D printing technology, offering solutions that significantly reduce the time from design to final product. Their printers utilize innovative light-based technologies to achieve high-speed printing without compromising detail or accuracy, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including dental, automotive, and industrial design. Nexa 3D’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology ensures high efficiency and precision in creating complex structures and prototypes.


DLyte is part of the technology platform GPAINNOVA, founded in Barcelona, specialized in surface finishing of metal parts. DLyte automates, simplifies, and standardizes the surface finishing process of metal parts, thanks to which you can improve your competitive advantage in the prosthetics market.

Advanced system provides high-quality polishing for cobalt-chrome, stainless steel and titanium. Expect homogeneous results and a mirror-like finish with a bright, shiny and reflective surface.

The DLyte process requires no rubber tip, electrolytic bathing or brushing but simply an abrasive preparation beforehand. By reducing the traditional multi-step process, DLyte improves working conditions and drastically reduces the toxicity of the current polishing. In addition, DLyte achieves better corrosion resistance than liquid electropolishing.

In addition, tooth coloring will become easier and more precise than ever with the Luxen CL product line.


Dentalmax was founded in 2009, becoming the leading manufacturer of dental zirconium in Korea thanks to its CAD/CAM zirconium brand – Luxen.

With Luxen materials, you will obtain a final product of perfect quality.

Enamel Dental Distribution offers Luxen Block zirconium and Luxen CL liquid colors.

Luxen Block allows you to create tooth bases that are characterized by translucency, strength, and a completely natural appearance. Depending on your needs, you have Multy Layer Blocks, Preshade Blocks, and White Blocks at your disposal.

In addition, tooth coloring will become easier and more precise than ever with the Luxen CL product line.


TRUMPF was founded in 1923. Initially a series of mechanical workshops, it has since developed into one of the leading manufacturers of machine tools, laser technology, and electronics for applications in the dental industry

Due to additive manufacturing systems and TruPrint 3D printers, components can be made using only powder and light. It can be used to create components in almost any geometric shape. Even relatively complex shapes can be quickly and easily converted from a CAD design to a 3D metal component with superior quality.

The range includes the TruPrint 1000, TruPrint 1000 Green Edition, TruPrint 2000, TruPrint 3000, and TruPrint 5000.


With many years of experience and an outstanding reputation, the Bego brand develops topquality products which combine safety and reliability.

Enamel Dental Distribution has in its range Mediloy® S-Co, a non-precious alloy for the production of dental restorations, as well as Wironium® RP, a non-precious alloy for the additive manufacturing of partial denture frames.

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